Top 5 Tourism Commercials Ever

Best Tourism Ads

Tourism doesn’t just bring in more people; it also brings in their culture, lifestyle and wealth. Every country differs from the others in terms of culture, traditions and landscapes, and tries to make use of this uniqueness to attract tourist crowds from all over the world. The best way to showcase this uniqueness and attract more people is by making inspiring commercials.

Best Tourism Ads

Travel Commercials

Here are the 5 all-time favorite tourism commercials that were instrumental in turning places like India and Australia into tourist magnets.

1. There’s nothing like Australia!

The title itself makes a strong statement about the exclusivity of Australia, and the following footage seems to prove it. The commercial is a fascinating blend of Australian wildlife and nightlife, and depicts them with great mastery. It shows a healthy interaction with the colorful nature, alongside an urban setting with the finest of cuisines, luxurious malls, and lively parties. The ad goes on to represent Australian people as very amicable and warm. The landscapes shown are like no other, and the commercial does justice to their beauty. The commercial showcases how Australia has it all—the high rugged mountains to the smooth waves of the oceans wrapped in the warmth of the sun, and a rich urban life.

2. The holy land of Israel

The location for this ad is very picturesque, showing the white sands of the beach, the surfing waves, and the smiles of the tourists. The ad is very provocative with sexy models and a fast paced soundtrack. Apart from attracting tourists, it also shows how beautiful Israeli women are.

3. Football fever – South Africa

This South African advertisement relies on the football world cup as a stimulus for growth in tourism. It depicts a paradise environment for a football follower, showing how the world cup fever has spread across every street and household. The rhythmic music goes well with the build-up of a sporting environment. It also symbolizes South Africa as a sports loving nation, appealing to sports followers all over the world.

4. Incredible India

India is home to one of the most enchanting cultures in the world. The rustic charm and convivial traditions of India have been beautifully depicted in this TV commercial. From the exotic cultural heritages to the lively celebrations like Holi, the place is full of life, and the ad shows it. Just by watching the commercial, you feel as if you are riding elephants and camels, visiting preserved places of ancient times, relishing mouthwatering food, and participating in fascinating festivities.

5. Aruba – One happy island

The best thing about Aruba is everything! The island is far, far away from the bustle of the world, studded on the blue sea like a priceless emerald. The only sounds you’d hear at Aruba are the splash of the foamy waves and the laughter of people. The ad shows the splendid Aruba weather, white-sand beaches, and happy tourists. The island also has high quality restaurants and delicious food to top up the beautiful landscape; and the commercial does justice to them all.

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